Saturday, November 27, 2010

Faux Deli Slice Sandwich & Oven Fried Potatoes

So the man went out and bought some fake meat slices.  Something I have never done.  Why have I never done this I ask myself?  Why self, it's because your dad judges fake meat.  In that case, it's a bit of a fake meat judging complex I gained from my father.  I'm willing to go for veggie burgers, bacun, and even tofurky sausages... but when it comes to deli slices, they just seem the fakiest of all.  So this was my first try, at a fake deli slice sandwich.  My evaluation: don't judge it till you try it - tastes pretty good to me (it must be all those delicious chemicals).

The Faux Beef sandwich consisted of rye bread, mustard, smoked hickory deli slices, tomato, and cucumber.  Toast the bread and pret-ty good.  Next time I might try frying up the slices for a minute and using hot mustard. 

What isn't good with a side of fried oven taters?  Potatoes are friends with everyone.  I take potatoes, slice them up, toss them in oil, to this batch I added garlic powder, cumin, and a big dose of the southern fried tofu mix from Mondragon - or just adding nutritional yeast would be good.  Cook up up at around 400 in the oven around 15 minutes a side.  You'll have to flip half way through.

The end result - good enough for a dinner of just taters


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