Thursday, November 25, 2010

Food Fast: Hoisin Portobello Noodle Soup

Snow, snow, snow, when will it stop?  Tonight I wasn't feeling 100% and cooking for one isn't always motivating for me.  I didn't want to go out... so rather than take-away I made up a quick slurrpy asian style soup.   Took less than 10 minutes before I was happily slurping away.

1 stick of rice noodles
1 veggie cube (I use mushroom)
Soy Sauce
Hoisin Sauce
1 Portobello mushroom
The two main ingredients

Cook the Rice Noodle - the key is Rice noodles don't like to be boiled - first boil the water - then turn off the heat and soak the rice noodle in the veggie cube water.  Use a nice deep fry pan for this.  Cover the noodles & let sit 5-7 minutes.

Slice up the Portobello and add to fry pan with a touch of oil.  After about 3-4 minutes, when the mushroom starts to cook,  add a small spoon full of hoisin sauce to a few tablespoons of soy sauce (mix that up), than pour that over the mushroom.  Cook another 2 minutes or so.
Hoisin - simply great on anything - find it at the Asian market nearest you

Add the noodle and some broth to a bowl.  Dump the mushroom mix on top.  Slup it up.

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