Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Curried Lentil Cashew Veggie Burger

Once all the toppings are on it all tastes pretty good
Testing out veggie burger recipes again last weekend and tried this one suggested by my aunt - you can read the recipe from the Canadian Living site.  I didn't exactly follow the recipe on this one so it ended up being a lot mushier than I think it should have been.   I definitely preferred the Quinoa Veggie Burgers (see my blog) I cooked up the previous week.

Easy to Make?   4/5 - they were pretty easy to make - and my new large food processor came in handy ($100 purchased at Sears, Black & Decker).

Taste & texture? 3/5 I may have over processed these - there wasn't enough texture - although Kris seemed to really like them.

Would I make them again?  I might try again and follow the recipe better.

        1/2 cup cashews
        1 Tbsp oil
        4 cups sliced mushrooms
        1 onion, chopped
        1 clove garlic, minced
        salt and pepper
        1 cup green lentils, soaked 2 hours & rinsed
        1 tbsp curry paste
        1/4 cup dry bread crumbs
        1/2 cup frozen spinach

        1. Toast the cashews in a fry pan at medium low around 5 minutes - until they start to brown - add to food processor.

        2. In fry pan on medium-high cook mushrooms, onion, spinach, garlic until liquid is evaporated.  Add to food processor.

        3. Rinse the lentils.  Add lentils & curry paste to food processor.   Pulse to combine the ingredients and then add the coriander.

        4. Shape into whatever sized patties you like & fry around 8 minutes per side.  Add them to a bun or bread with the selected toppings and enjoy.

        Cashews/ Mushroom, Onion, Spinach on the go
        I made the patties really thin - a bit too thin
        I fried them as much as I could - they were kinda mushy

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