Friday, October 1, 2010

Vegan Mini Pita Pizza

My dad used to have a 'do it yourself pizza night' when we were young - he would put out a bunch of toppings, sauce, and pitas.  My brother and I would go wild making our own pizza combinations.  This was a favorite dinner and my feelings remain the same today.  Since Daiya seems to have a 'cheese' that actually tastes good I've got back into it.  This is too easy and so great every time.

1. First you take the Pita out - I like to brush the back side with oil & then lightly salt it.
2. Next up - make your Pizza Sauce - Soooo easy - just chop up a few tomatoes, toss them in a pot with some dried basil, a sprinkle of hot sauce, & a few shots of worchestershire - to that add a bit of Olive Oil - now cook at Med heat to reduce it down (basically cook off the water).  Tasty in no time!  Spread this on the top of the pita.
3. Toppings are a must!  This time I went with Orange Bell Pepper, Portabello Mushroom & Fresh Tomato.
4. Top everything with the Daiya Mozzarella and bake at 350 F for 10 Minutes.  I like to add 2 minutes under the broiler to finish it up.  Ta Dah - mini pizzas.  Enjoy.

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