Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vegan Products - A Few I Recommend

Here's a few of my favorite products of late, where I buy them and what I use them for.  Mainly you can get these products at the following Winnipeg Locations: Organza, Vita Health, Eat It, Mondragon, and Organic Planet Worker Coop.

1. EARTH BALANCE BUTTERY FLAVOUR SPREAD - this is seriously delicious!  Tastes like real butter and is way better than margarine.  We've been using this for cooking and a general replacement for butter.  Delicious on corn on the cob or nice fresh french bread. In Winnipeg I pick this up at Organza.
2.  VEGANAISE - Total Mayo Replacement.  Use it wherever you would use Mayo!  Especially good on toasted tomato sandwiches.

3. CHIA SEED - This is a fantastic seed.  It is what it sounds like... the same seed that makes Chia Pets so fuzzy and green.  This seed easily thickens sauces and makes food stick together better (like homemade granola bars).  Chia seed is also a good egg replacer - mix a tablespoon with a bit of water and you have yourself an 'egg'.   I buy mine at Organza.

4. HEMP SEED - Hemp Seed is like the new flax!  It's delicious and your body can process it in the seed form - no need to grind it up!  This is great sprinkled on salads, added to smoothy's, and in baking.  I get mine from Organza or Vita Health.

5. NATALIE'S SEED CRACKERS - ITALIAN FLAX CRACKERS - These dehydrated crackers are so delicious.  Made totally out of seeds.  I get mine from "The Bread Lady" at St Norbert's Market - she has a New Website - you can probably get these from her direct.  mmmmm

6. DAIYA CHEESE- This is a newer 'vegan cheese' out there.  It's all in grated form. And so far my experience has been good.  It was great as a Grilled Cheeses - I also had it in a few different items from Mondragon and it was good - FYI: I have tried many fake cheeses and none would I have ever tried twice until finding this one.  You can get this from Mondragon, Organza, and I think Organic Planet may have it - it's also a Canadian product made in Vancouver.

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