Monday, September 27, 2010

Apple Pie Filling

Got Apples?  After my grandparents gave me 4 big bags of apples from their apple tree I had to come up with a creative way to use them quick.  Apple Pie Filling anyone?  This was pretty easy - but you do need the basic canning supplies if you want it to keep on a shelf for any length of time.  If not, would keep fine in the fridge with no hot water bath necessary.

1. Wash and Peel your apples.  As you peel them sprinkle with lemon juice - to avoid them going brown.   Here's my man peeling away (nice if you can get help).  I did try using an apple peeler thing but it was more fussing around than time saving:
2. Core & cut the apples.  You can use a cool little Apple Corer-Cutter Tool (costs like $8 at Safeway) - this was a great time saver and super easy to use.  Cut up as many apples as you plan on using.  As you pile them up sprinkle them with lemon juices to keep them from browning.

3. After cutting you need to Blanch the apples - heat up a big pot of water - you'll need a basket or something to put the apples in - then dip the apples into the boiling water for 60 seconds & take them out.  Done.  Stops them from degrading.

4. Apple Syrup!  You need to make this to pour over the apples!  Here's the recipe I used from this online site (that has more details than I'm putting here!)  - this makes around 6 liters of syrup - enough for  6 1 L jars of filling:  2.5 cups water, 5 cups apple juice, cinnamon (lots of it), 3/4 cup lemon juice, 2.5 cups honey (my choice), 1.5 cups Corn Starch (mixed up in water first) - Simple: put all the ingredients together in a big pot except corn start - bring to boil - then whisk in the corn starch - the syrup will start to form really fast.
5. Layer the Apple Syrup & Apples in 1 L Mason Jars. 

6. Follow normal canning instructions - give the jars a 30 minute hot water bath. (Canning is easier than you think... if you haven't done it yet!)
7. Voila!  Apple Pie filling that will keep for up to 2 years!  (Now for the tricky part... making a pie!  That I have yet to do).  You can do the same thing and skip the hot water bath - just be sure to keep the jars in the fridge then.

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