Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fried Green Tomatoes

After a bit of encouragement from friends and family I have decided to change my blog over to a Vegan Cooking blog.  I'll post regular updates of vegan recipes I've tried or made up.  Recently... I attempted Fried Green Tomatoes - which were easy and delicious.  Here's how they go.

1. Get yourself some firm Green Tomatoes (i.e., tomatoes that have not ripened) - Slice them up into rounds (however thick you like).  Lay them on a grill & sprinkle with salt - leave them 15 minutes to 'sweat out' some liquid.  Then sponge them with paper towels.
 2. Set up your breading station!  1. Flour, 2. Soy Milk, 3. Bread crumbs mixed with Corn Starch (add whatever spice you like to this, I added garlic powder).
3. Run your tomatoes through the stations - Both Sides - until they are all breaded.  Start with flour, then Soy Milk, and finally the bread crumbs.

4. Put the breaded tomatoes back on the grill to set for 10 minutes. 

5. Add some oil to a good fry pan & heat it up to sizzling - use a med-high heat to allow the tomatoes to cook a bit too.  Add the green tomatoes - around 3 minutes a side - or until they are nice & brown.  Place them on paper towel after to take off some grease. 

6. Voila!  Fried green tomatoes.  I made a sauce to serve these with: 1 Part Veganese, 1 Part Mustard, A scoop of Relish.  Yum.  Enjoy.


  1. Will you be also be including your/the tasters opinions?

  2. That's a great Idea. I will include the tasters opinions - in the case of Fried Green Tomatoes - myself: I loved the tangy flavor, they were great with the sauce - however, proportinally I would say that giant slices were a little too much. Better to make this a small side than the main course (as I did that day).